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Retiring? Downsizing?


Debra Penrod, SRES, REALTOR®

I wil​l help you sell your home and guide you along the way.



It's time to be carefree and simple! We  should be enjoying ourselves in our retirement! It’s time to enjoy our golden years.

I know I can be a great asset for anyone interested in exploring your real estate options and changes.  I don't promise to know all the answers because each of our situations are unique, but together we will find out what you need to know and how to take those first steps in finding your next home.


debra with dog.jpg

Debra & Ramona

Ramona the Realtor Dog.


Debra Penrod

Experienced Real Estate Professional.

 My philosophy has always been to "get educated" if something appears too large to tackle. I'm telling you this to let you know that I am now one of the few REALTORS® in Oklahoma to achieve the special designation SRES.

This designation stands for:
SENIOR REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST, and is sanctioned by the National Association of Realtors 


Grandma Baker

It’s never too early to start


Planning takes time. Lifestyle changes begin as a process, especially when selling your home, that is custom fit for you. You’ll need a proven real estate agent to help you navigate the sometimes complicated and tricky waters.

I will provide proven experience to find your dream home. We'll help you sell your home fast in this seller's market.


Many of you may be moving to Oklahoma form out of state. I wish my son would move back home to Oklahoma from California! 

Dustin & Addison

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