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thinking about rightsizing?

Are you ready to retire and

I'll help guide you along the way.

Baby Boomers!

We are the most Active Generation Ever. Making life style changes as we age involves a lot more choices than ever before.

As a SRES, Senior Real Estate Specialist, Ill assist you in bringing in the appropriate professionals needed to fit the changes you may need to make  as you explore how to  adjust into new incomes and life style changes.

It's time to be carefree and simple! We  should be enjoying ourselves in our retirement! It’s time to enjoy our golden years.

I will be a great asset for anyone interested in exploring your real estate options and changes.  I don't promise to know all the answers and each of our situations are unique, and together we will find out what you need to know and how to take those first steps in finding your next home.

My Grandmother Baker downsized from North Edmond to Moore, 

Let's get started.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Debra Penrod


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