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Ramona "The Realtor Dog"

is great at sniffing out the home you are trying to find. She’s got the paw-fect ears and listens to understand “YOU”, never putting her own tail first. . 

I'm not just a dog.
Where I retire is just as important as where you retire. From my perception, it's important. Do you agree? From my perception, it’s important for our Humans to consider what is in in our best interest for our health also, as you make the lifestyle changes for both of us. Thoughts to consider.

1. I’ll encourage you to get off the couch if I have a place outside to take you.


2. I want to live as long as I can as your companion. Exercise is important to my heart and yours too.


3. You like comfort and so do I. If we’re going to be roomies, make sure I have a place that that’s my own space.


4. As you transition your routine to a new one, I really wanna be part of that decision too.


5. Don’t forget I love travel. Make sure I get to go with you to both the store and that vaca to the beach. 

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